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Girly Cake Smash Session Bromley London Children Photographer

Cake Cake Cake! Is there anything better?

I just wanted to share with you this little lady’s First birthday Cake Smash Session. Nayla visited me from London in the studio just before her First Birthday for a celebration! She absolutely loved every single minute of it, especially the Splash Session in the tub afterwards, where she didn’t want to get out of it.

I always start my Cake Smash Sessions by taking some time for your child to get used to their surroundings and taking our time to interact with one another, never rushing straight in. I find this way we also capture some beautiful natural images before getting the cake out and the mess begins!

Once they are comfortable, I bring out the cake and more often than not, before I have even had the chance to grab my camera, their little hands have got stuck straight in! However, there are some children that need a little more time to get used to being sticky and messy, so we strategically place their favourite snacks within the cake for them to find and they soon get used to the idea and it all becomes fun.

After we have demolished the cake, with some help from mum or dad usually, we then bring out the baby bathtub where we all the sticky mess off while taking more images and these are usually the children’s favourite part and usually I get very wet!

I highly recommend booking one of the Cake Smash Sessions for your little one’s birthday, it really is such a fun way to celebrate!

Cake Smash LondonPINIMAGE Cake Smash LondonPINIMAGE Cake Smash Session LondonPINIMAGE Cake Smash LondonPINIMAGE Cake Smash LondonPINIMAGE Cake Smash LondonPINIMAGE



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