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The Studio

I work from my newly built studio in Keston, Bromley.  I have a huge range of props, blankets, outfits, hats, an endless supply of hairbands to name but a few!

Throughout any session you can pick anything you wish to use in the sessions, and ahead of your shoot you will be given the option to choose your background colours and any props you wish to use. This is to ensure they are made available to you on the day and not being cleaned or stored away.

My goal is make you as comfortable as being at home with your feet up, refreshments and sweet treats are always nearby as are a fresh collection of magazines to flip through while asking yourself when was the last time you had 5 minutes to read a magazine and drink at the same time?!

The Newborn studio does get super warm due to having to keep it at a certain temperature for the comfort of babies so make sure you wear light clothing or perhaps a cardigan you can remove.


Why choose me?

Newborn Photography has increasingly become very popular over the past few years, as has access to Newborn Photographers, but do you really know who is taking photographs of your new precious bundle of joy?

What I offer in exchange for your trust and investment, is a safety trained member of BANPAS (Baby And Newborn Photography Association – and the Guild of Photographers, alongside having Public Liability Insurance within my studio.

Let me give you an example, did you know that a newborn baby has between 300-350 bones, as adults we have 206 and the reason for this is so that the baby can easily pass through the birth canal and during their first few months they fuse together to make up the 206 they will eventually be left with. If your baby is wrongly positioned this can very easily damage their fragile joints and put them at a risk that they should never have been exposed to.

You have probably seen the cute head in hands pose or the widely popular ‘Froggy’ pose. I often get parents shocked that these are in fact compositions, two images stitched together in Photoshop to give the appearance that in fact baby is holding their own head up. A newborn should never be left with their head unsupported at any time, I cannot stress that enough, especially when being posed whether on a beanbag or in a bucket. I often get parents to join in and assist me and always sit by their baby when in props!

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My studio is always kept to a comfortable temperature for the babies, who are actually used to 40 degree heat in the womb, with lots of white noise to keep them soothed and happy throughout their session, the sessions should be relaxing and fun, not leaving you anxious at all.

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After the session has ended I then spend hours removing every blemish and milk spot (even the dry flaky skin) from your baby and adding Woppets & Poppets Photography’s magic touch.

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