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To Prop or Not to Prop…

I am always trying to think of new and inventive shots for my Newborn Photography Sessions, as it can sometimes become a bit “samey”, everyone having the same posing buckets or stools etc. I, of course, usually get inspiration from other photographers I admire but ensure I place my own stamp on it.

My most requested shot at the moment is definitely the baby in the clouds, this is also one of my favourites, as you can tailor it to your preference, whether it be blue, pink or even natural. With the helping hand of Photoshop it comes alive and makes a beautiful piece of art which my most of my clients tend to have up in the nursery.

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Another one which I posted recently is the baby and teddy on the shelf, I ask parents to bring along any teddies that they have as it is wonderful to see their baby grow against the teddy! (Please note that baby is never actually sitting on a shelf – again its the magic behind the camera and angles!).

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Perhaps you have a passion for florals and all things girly?

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But what if you don’t like props? No problem! I adore close ups and naturals of newborn babies, the beauty of their teeny tiny features speak for themselves. Your session is completely led and designed by you, and of course orchestrated by baby – who we must keep happy at all times, otherwise its a no-go!

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The one thing I do try to aim for every session is that some form of mum or dad are in the pictures, as you will treasure those first days forever and it goes so very quickly. Sometimes my mamas really do not want to be in the picture, but that’s no problem, I have ways around this – an image of mum and dad holding their baby within their hands is a firm favourite of mine.

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Please do get in touch to discuss a session for your newborn, I would love to create original beautiful memories just for your family.



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