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When 3 Become 4! Welcoming your new baby…

So you’ve had your first baby, you survived teething, weening and terrible twos. Then you find out you’re expecting your second small person, you’re delighted and already mentally visualising the new nursery decor.

However, you now feel a tinge of guilt towards your other small person who has always had your attention and time, how will they take the news, how will they react, how do you explain to them if they are still so small themselves?
I’ve done a bit of research and found few a tips to help you transition your 3 into 4, hopefully tear-free on everyone’s account!
1.  Tell them as early as possible. Children are super responsive to their surroundings and will pick up easily on the changes going on with mummy, rather than keep it a secret let them know early on that you will all be meeting a brand new family member soon. There are lots of wonderful books available for most ages from toddler upwards to use as a tool.
2. Involve them in making choices for their new sibling. Perhaps choosing a blanket and toy for their new nursery, giving them a little sense of responsibility and acting the older brother or sister before they meet the new one can help transition into their new role from being the baby.
3. Be mummy and daddy’s helper. When your new arrival comes home, let your little one be involved in helping to bath or change nappies, in small ways – passing mummy the wipes – washing babies tummy in the bath with a sponge – helping daddy get the babygro out of the cupboard etc.
4. Remember they may need a little more attention than normal in the beginning. They are still your baby no matter their age and will need reassurance from you all whilst getting used to their new family life.
Did you find anything that helped your little ones getting used to their new brother or sister?

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