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Where is Mum?

Being a mother myself I take endless photographs of my daughter, whether it be on my iPhone or my work camera, and I mean there must be around 10,000 that i’ve uploaded onto my iCloud – still not totally sure about the Cloud and it’s exact role but it does the job.

When I look at the images of my daughter, they include solo ones of her, ones of the dogs and her, ones of her friends and her, ones of Daddy and her, ones of Nanny and her and so forth, however I noticed there are probably around twenty of us together, mostly Snapchat piggy selfies! Then I realised I am always the one taking them and capturing those moments that I forget to exist in them with her. What will she see think when she looks back herself at these memories, Where is Mum?

For myself since having a baby I haven’t been totally comfortable in my own skin and the changes my body went through, that it became a “thing” that I had to critically vet every image taken by my other half and usually I would just discard as I looked ‘fat’ or pulled a horrible face, you know the deal… I had Newborn Photographs taken of us as a family and I still treasure these with all my heart as at the time it was a beautiful memory to capture and it didn’t matter how I looked as this was my family.

Three years down the line and I don’t have any of them to look at now of recent times, so instead of beating myself up thinking I have to loose this and that much weight before I can go along and have my photographs taken i’ve taken the plunge and just booked it. I would hate to tell my daughter that Mummy wasn’t in photographs as she felt fat, that is absolutely not the message I want to convey to my daughter!! When we look back at these memories no one will be saying oh look how many extra pounds you were carrying, we will cherish every smile and expression as time moves so fast and everyone should have family portraits, no matter how you feel, these are for our children and ourselves when we grow older and we can no longer hold our children on our hips or in the air, I mean you still could but you’d get some looks haha!

If you are thinking of having your little one’s portraits taken, please please do get in them Mummy and make memories!!




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